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Tecnología e Innovación Medico Estética, TIME Spain, is a company dedicated to developing, researching, manufacturing and selling aesthetic and sports medical equipment. Our Cryosense cryotherapy machine offer all the benefits from whole body cryotherapy.

Our company have our own R+D+i department. Additionally, we also have some agreements with the Polythecnical University of Madrid, sports research centers and different partners in the medical, sports and wellness fields to test and improve our equipment. This is how we guarantee the best quality before the commercialization of the product.

Our wide professional team has a great career path in the medical, pharmaceutical, sports and industrial engineering fields. We develop our activity in spacious facilities with manufacturing workshop, testing laboratory, R+D offices, training place and showroom.

We have a specific Quality System for our electro-medical equipment implemented in all the stages of the manufacturing process: design, production and control. A technical-commercial department specialized in after-sales and customer services is continuously operational. We also have a medical department which researches the possible uses of cryotherapy, attending the enquiries of our clients.

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If you work in the sector of the health, sports, aesthetics or wellness, now you have the opportunity of extending your service offer with the treatment which that is revolutionizing the market, the cryotherapy chamber.


We work every day in order to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Try our customization service for the cryotherapy cabin. Surprise yourself!


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Benefits of Cryotherapy

As it is a relatively new technique, we are accustomed to receiving queries about what cryotherapy is or what it is for. Although the benefits of cryotherapy are numerous, they can be grouped into four main levels: medical, sports, aesthetic and wellness.

Benefits of Cryotherapy in Sports

Cryotherapy in Madrid is also very widespread in the sports sector, due in part to multiple advantages of its use in this field, such as increased performance, recovery after effort or prevention and recovery of injuries, which results in mental balance.

Benefits Cryotherapy in Wellness

The use of cryotherapy machine devices can also bring a series of benefits, such as the release of endorphins, increased energy level or reduced stress, which affects the improvement of problems such as insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Benefits of Cryotherapy in Aesthetics

Cryotherapy also contributes to the burning of calories, the control of overweight, the reduction of cellulite, the improvement of skin quality, the elimination of toxins or the oxygenation of cells.


The applications of Cryotherapy

crioterapia en la salud

The treatments with our cryotherapy cabin stimulate blood circulation, the nervous system, the immune system, they fight insomnia…

crioterapia en el deporte

Improve your performance, recovery or muscle injuries using cryotherapy treatments in sports. Elite athletes are already using it.

crioterapia en la estatica

With Cryosense it’s possible to create specific treatments or to fight overweight, cellulitie…

crioterapia en el bienestar

Wellness is guaranteed with our cryosauna. Cryotherapy in wellness contributes to reducing the stress, increasing energy, releasing endorphins…

Cryo Chamber Units for Sale in USA

Cryotherapy in the U.S. has established itself after reaping great success in previous countries where it has implemented its service. The sale of cryotherapy equipment is reaching high impact levels. A cryotherapy chamber can be personalized to adapt to the user’s tastes, being able to transfer the great experience of cryotherapy at home. One of the objectives of these treatments is to use whole body cryotherapy to lose weight at a reduced price, with great results among the public that seeks a natural weight loss.

You can install a cryotherapy machine at a very low price anywhere: in a private home, in your business, in a sports center or in a spa, etc.. The possibilities are unlimited to enjoy all the comforts of the best cryotherapy treatments.

The price of the cryotherapy cabin is the best in the market: you will be surprised to see our rates for how economical it is to enjoy a cryotherapy equipment where and when you want. Bearing in mind the great amount of benefits it has, the cryotherapy price is really affordable, obtaining great advantages for a low price of cryotherapy machine.

Cryotherapy Chamber Cost

How much Does a Cryotherapy Machine Cost?

The prices of cryotherapy machines depend on each manufacturer. At Cryosense we only offer you our own products directly, so our prices are better than those of other cryotherapy cabin companies. Unlike other companies, in Cryosense we develop our own cabins with the latest technology applied to cryotherapy treatments.

If you are looking for prices of cryotherapy machines you will not find an offer like Cryosense, full body cryo cabins for professional use, which ensure the best medical and aesthetic results thanks to an advanced I+D program, which has allowed us to develop the most advanced cryotherapy chamber on the market. If you want more details about the cryotherapy chamber cost, please contact us.




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