In Cryosense we have developed our own cryotherapy system, based on the experience of a multidisciplinary team. Our objective is to apply the benefits of cryotherapy Cryo chamber in high performance athletes and in people who are looking for a technique oriented to improve their well-being.

For years we have worked to enhance the effects of processes based on the application of cold, based on a team of doctors and engineers, advised by professionals in the sports and aesthetic medical sector. The result is Cryosense cryotherapy cabins at a competitive price, with technology specifically developed for this type of process.

The Cryosense Madrid team has not only been able to develop a cryotherapy solution adapted to different people, but we have also included several improvements that you will only find in our cryotherapy cabinets.

Our team continues to work to optimize the performance of our cabins, to further improve the results of cryotherapy cabins.

Technology at the service of well-being

All the improvements developed by the Cryosense team are focused on your well-being. In general, cold processes have beneficial effects on the organism, what we have achieved is to optimize the benefits to the maximum, in cabins that are completely adapted to the user’s needs.

In Cryosense we control all the manufacturing steps of our cryotherapy cabins, evaluating one by one all the machines that are marketed. For external components, we only rely on a reference brand, SIEMENS, the S7-1200 device allows us to fully control all the functions of the cryosauna, especially temperatures and levels of evaporated liquid nitrogen.

Technical service and collaboration

In addition to the technical development team, we have specialists who are always at your disposal when you need them. The operation and handling of the Cryosense cryosauna is very simple, however, it is essential that all centers offering Cryosense cabinet solutions have a communication channel with our specialists. If you need advice or want to ask any question about Cryosense cabins, you can contact our team to find the most suitable solution.

A work of continuous development

In Cryosense we work to improve our cryotherapy cabins, developing new application methods and more precise devices based on our own research work. Our team works continuously to continue offering you the best cryotherapy solutions with evaporated liquid nitrogen.

Cryosense cabins at the best price

In Cryosense we look for the perfect balance to reduce costs, without compromising the quality of the components of our cryosaunas. That is why we offer the best cabin on the market at the most competitive price, so that every medical center can offer its patients or athletes the best solutions.

The application of cold by means of evaporated liquid nitrogen exerts multiple benefits on the organism, in Cryosense Madrid we have developed a very effective method of cryotherapy in cabin, both in professional sportsmen and in users with ailments not related to sports practice.

If you want to incorporate to your center or sports club cheap cryotherapy cabins, in Cryosense we offer you the best technology, oriented to the application of cryotherapy by means of controlled cold.


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