Cryosense, cryotherapy and wellness

Cryosense is the leading cryosauna for wellness oriented solutions.

Using the most advanced technology in the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen, we obtain effective results, generating a feeling of wellbeing depending on the characteristics of each patient.

The effect derived from the exposure to controlled intense cold, allow to affect both physical ailments, as in cases of stress and other cases related to mental health. Cryotherapy is a very effective complementary procedure for people who are following a process oriented to wellness, either physical or psychological, and want to maintain the benefits in the long term.

Cryosense cabins are specially designed to work in a totally safe way with evaporated liquid nitrogen, achieving optimal conditions that favor the chemical processes that occur in our body and that will be crucial when experiencing pleasurable sensations.

Application of cryotherapy and the release of endorphins

Most people wish to achieve a state of prolonged fullness and satisfaction. This is what is known as well-being and can be both physical (good health and fitness) and mental (emotional stability, absence of stress and optimal rest). Cryotherapy can contribute to this in several ways.

Cryotherapy promotes the release of endorphins, which increase energy levels and reduce stress; they generate a relaxing effect and improve problems of insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. Feeling satisfied and optimistic means feeling good every day. Emotional stability allows for personal and social fulfillment.

The effects of cryotherapy on personal well-being help to achieve this goal. Improvement is achieved on several levels: health, physical appearance and mood. This will give us a good dose of optimism and increase our quality of life.

Technology at the service of well-being

The cold processes help to release endorphins, however, for these results to be perceived by the patient it is essential to have a suitable method and equipment. Cryosense cabins are the best cryotherapy cabins, because they have exclusive technology, specially developed for cold application processes, whose objective is to promote physical and corporal well-being.

In Cryosense we have developed a cryotherapy cabin capable of controlling the temperature and exposure times of each session, in addition, distributing the cold in a homogeneous way. The success of the application of cold with Cryosense cryotherapy cabinets lies in the technology incorporated in our cabinets, allowing to adapt each session to the users’ needs.

Cryosense cryosaunas act on three different levels: legs, lower trunk and upper trunk. By means of different programs we can act on various areas of the body, applying different programs depending on the desired objective.

Reducing stress with cryotherapy

How to eliminate stress? It is one of the great questions of our time. Nowadays there are a multitude of anti-stress treatments, however, not all of them have an impact on the physical aspect involved in the appearance of stress.

The release of endorphins makes cryotherapy a pleasant experience despite the cold and produces a feeling of well-being, which accompanies the patient during the days following the session.

Of course, the session is monitored by specialized personnel who are always interested in the user’s sensations. Cryosense cryotherapy machines allow to control all the aspects that influence the session, providing each patient with the specific cryotherapy process he/she needs.

If you have a wellness center and you are interested in including cryotherapy in your services, contact us. In Cryosense we are at the forefront in the design and manufacture of cryosaunas. Advances such as the oxygen sensor in the cabin or the automatic drying after each session, make Cryosense the most advanced model in the market.

Complementary cryotherapy for psychological sessions

All psychological therapy must take into account the physical processes that occur in the organism, in cases of anxiety, depression, etc. The effect of whole-body cryotherapy is an adjuvant in the natural physiological processes of the body, which are those that will affect the patient’s well-being.

Cryotherapy as an auxiliary element in psychological processes is very effective, generating in the patient a lasting sense of well-being. To achieve this result, it is essential to have the appropriate technology. In Cryosense we have developed equipment at the forefront of existing cryotherapy cabins on the market. Less mental stress means a better physical rest, and this brings very positive consequences for our health.

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