Benefits of cryotherapy in wellness

Cryosense Crioterapia Bienestar

Do you think that cryotherapy is only applied in the treatment of sports injuries or in beauty centers as a treatment to rejuvenate the skin? The applications of cryotherapy go much further. One of the most unknown is the increase in physical well-being and stress treatment.

The brief exposure to extreme cold that occurs during cryotherapy (the body is exposed to a temperature of -110 to -196⁰ for 3 minutes) triggers several beneficial reactions in our body. One of them is the release of endorphins. You may have heard of these neurotransmitters, whose main purpose is to stimulate the brain areas that produce pleasure to the body. In other words, they cause a pleasant sensation of well-being, which makes them known by the suggestive name of happiness hormones.

Endorphins therefore help to feel good by contributing to emotional and physical well-being.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy in wellness?

Cryosense Crioterapia BienestarReaching a state of satisfaction and fulfillment with oneself is one of the most desired goals by most people.

Feeling satisfied and happy, satisfied and happy with life implies a series of aspects which must be covered. Some of the aspects are: psychophysiological health or well-being, feeling in harmony with oneself and with the environment perceiving emotional stability and achieving personal and social fulfillment.

The effects of cryotherapy on the well-being of the human being can help in this aim. You get to achieve an improvement at several levels: health, physical appearance and mood. This will give us a good dose of optimism and will increase our quality of life.

Cryotherapy in wellness involves the release of endorphins, increases the energy level and reduces stress. It generates a relaxing and refreshing effect. Insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression issues improve.

If you need more information about cryotherapy in the well-being of the human being, you can read the document below which will offer you more details about this matter. In addition, we provide information about the cryosauna and the experience of cryotherapy in human well-being.

Reduce stress with cryotherapy

How to eliminate stress with the help of cryotherapy? It is one of the great questions of our time. Currently there are many anti-stress treatments, being cryotherapy one of the alternative therapies used to reduce stress that has grown the most in recent years. It is not surprising if we consider that this is a totally natural therapy.

The release of endorphins makes cryotherapy a pleasant experience despite the cold and produces a sense of well-being that accompanies the patient until hours after the session.

Of course, the session is monitored by specialized personnel who are always interested in the user’s sensations.

If you have a wellness center and you are interested in including cryotherapy among your services, contact us. In Cryosense we are at the forefront in the design and manufacture of cryosaunas. Advances such as the oxygen sensor in the cabin or automatic drying after each session make Cryosense the most advanced model on the market; a cryosauna that will give your clients a whole experience for their senses.

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