Cov Cam

What is Cov cam?

Cov Cam is a device with the latest technology based on the Android operating system for the possible detection of infection with Covid-19. Through its graphic screen and thermographic cameras it can measure the temperature of all the people who try to access your business in real-time.

What do I contribute with Cov Cam?

Given the current situation in the world, we need pandemic prevention systems to guarantee that Covid-19 doesn’t spread more through our society. Spanish company Tecnologia e Innovacion Medico Estetica offers you the latest technology to stop the pandemic as soon as possible.

What can Cov Cam contribute to my business?

By having the latest technology installed in your business, you will transmit a feeling of security to your customers so that they can access your facilities, thus not drastically reducing your business income and guaranteeing your business survives through these difficult times.

Why should you buy Cov Cam?

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is a real threat to all human beings on this planet, which is why we need the maximum cooperation of all humanity to do their bit to stop the current situation. Only in this way will we ensure a prosperous future for all humanity.

Stopping the pandemic is in your hand
Daily traffic stores with Covid Cam in its facilities
Monthly store traffic with Covid Cam
Possible detected covid 5%
Detecting symptoms prematurely protects you and your clients

Install a Cov cam barrier at the entrance of your business and ensure that everyone inside you does not have symptoms of covid

The security before everything Cov cam.

Guarantee your clients a space protected from covid thanks to the facial temperature detection Cov Cam

Thank you! At Cov Cam all my clients know that we take their safety very seriously. 👍
How can Cov Cam help me?

Thanks to the latest technology used in the manufacturing of Cov Cam and its precision thermal imaging camera, it can diagnose one of the symptoms (temperature) of Covid-19. Thus, increasing the profitability of your business to customers while increasing your revenue.


Download the Cov Cam instruction manual and discover all the installation possibilities

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