Cryotherapy Machine for Sale

The sale of cryotherapy machines for physical recovery centres has increased, due to the results achieved by liquid nitrogen vapor with injuries of elite athletes. Cryosense saunas reach low temperatures, which are applied to the injured area, allowing muscles and other tissues to strengthen and recover faster. Temperature contrast strengthens injured areas and shortens recovery times.

Cryotherapy machines have revolutionized physical recovery treatments and treatment of different injuries. Cryosense offers you the best cryosauna, a device developed to maximize the benefits of cold therapies, both in elite athletes and in people who need a quick recovery.
Cryosense cryotherapy machines have been designed to precisely control temperature, allowing the body to be subjected to cold temperatures gradually, stimulating circulation to reduce inflammation and other ailments resulting from injuries to muscles and tendons.
The Cryosense cryotherapy sauna also has an aesthetic use. Liquid nitrogen treatments have been successfully tested in cases where it is desired to reduce cellulite, control overweight or improve the condition of the skin in the visible layers.
In Cryosense we work with both medical and aesthetic centers as well as individuals. If you want to have a cryotherapy machine contact us, we offer the most advanced technology in cold treatments with the most advanced cabins on the market.

Why you should buy a cryotherapy machine?

The reasons for buying a cryotherapy machine go far beyond the benefits it provides for the recovery of injuries, although its main application is in the sporting field.

We usually distinguish four applications of cryotherapy, are as follows:

  • Sports Cryotherapy: This is the most common application. Liquid nitrogen is used both for recovery after physical exertion, getting the body to regenerate immediately, and for physical injuries, especially in muscle and tendon areas.
  • Cryotherapy for Health: Cryotherapy has numerous health benefits. The application of low temperatures can relieve pain in many cases, prevents inflammation, improves the functions of damaged joints, regulates the central nervous system, and so on.
  • Aesthetic Cryotherapy: From skin recovery to elimination of males and elimination of toxins. Cryotherapy can be the perfect complement to a slimming diet.
  • Wellness Cryotherapy: It has been shown that cold treatments influence the level of endorphins released by the body, reducing stress with results that are maintained over the long term.

These benefits are obtained from a controlled cold process, which you can obtain with Cryosense cryotherapy booths.

Advantages of buying Cryosense Cryotherapy Chambers

In recent years, many studies have analyzed the impact of cryotherapy on the human body. Today dozens of applications are known, which can help recover our body, below we review some of these advantages.

  • Cryotherapy favours muscular recovery, especially after having been subjected to intense efforts.
  • Injury recovery is also accelerated thanks to cold therapy achieved with a Cryosense chamber.
  • Not only the muscles, but also the tendons and the bone structure benefit from the low temperatures reached by a cryotherapy machine.
  • The central nervous system is strengthened and optimized after a few cryotherapy sessions.
  • Tissues regenerate faster, and the pain associated with most lesions subsides, even in situations where there is chronic pain.
  • Prevents the appearance of cellulite and combat in cases where it has already appeared.
  • It improves the quality of the skin in the epidermis layer, making it look healthier and smoother.
  • It favours weight reduction due to the increase in the basal metabolic rate caused by exposure to low temperatures.

These are just some of the benefits that are achieved communal cryotherapy machine such as Cryosense machines. Its application in the aesthetic medical field has achieved very significant advances, which have already been tested and evaluated by numerous studies.

Cryotherapy Machine Cost

How much does a Cryotherapy Chamber cost?

At Cryosense we develop different cryotherapy machines adapted to different needs. In our catalogue you will find cryotherapy machines from 30.000 € to advanced models for 60.000 €. All our devices have the most advanced technology in cryotherapy specialized in sports recovery. Many of the functions have been developed in our laboratories, so the Cryosense cabins are unique.

The effects of cold therapies in a cryotherapy machine are spectacular, if we also follow a treatment in high performance cabins like Cryosense, the results will be immediate and will be maintained in the long term.

In Cryosenseusa we do not manufacture for other brands, we are cryotherapy machine manufacturer, in addition, we offer exclusively products developed by our team, tested to get the best performance in both aesthetic and health treatments.

Our cryosaunas are for sale both to individuals and companies that want to offer their patients the best treatments, we also offer the best customer service, so you can work with the cryotherapy machine that best suits your needs. If you want more information, contact with Cryosense.