Cryotherapy with cryosauna cabins

Cryotherapy processes with cryosauna allow the application of cold at -196ºC through the action of evaporated liquid nitrogen. Cryotherapy is a process oriented to the recovery of tissues, based on the exposure of the body to low temperatures, the benefits are perceived from the first session, generating a lasting state of physical and psychological well-being.

In Cryosense we have developed the most advanced cryosauna, with different control devices to adapt each process to the particular needs of the user. Using our own technology, we have developed a cabin with which it is possible to control the temperature and exposure times, to ensure that the user benefits from the best full body cryotherapy experience.


The difference between Cryosauna cabins Cryosense and other cold application processes is the control over all the factors that affect the cold application process, using the most advanced technological devices.  We know the benefits of subjecting the body to low temperatures, however, when this type of activity is carried out without certain controls, we are exposing our body to certain risks. Cryosense cabins incorporate all the necessary control devices to adapt each process to the characteristics of the user, avoiding side effects and risk situations due to overcooling.

In Cryosense we have developed our own solutions oriented to the application of cold and cryotherapy processes. The result is a cryotherapy cabin with which you can control the temperature, exposure times and specific areas where cryotherapy should act.


The process to perform a cryotherapy session is very simple. Cryotherapy is based on exposing the body to an exceptionally low temperature, the cabins achieve this through the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen. This compound is applied inside the cabin in a controlled manner, achieving temperatures as low as -196 º C.

In this type of process, it is important to control the cold exposure times. With Cryosense you can choose from a wide variety of cooling programs. Once the cold cycle is finished, the user perceives a general wellbeing and an improvement in the recovery of injured areas.

One of the great advantages of the Cryosense cryosauna cabin is the versatility of the different programs that can be used, being able to modify certain cold parameters within the same session, offering each user the solution that best suits their needs.


Cryotherapy is an option usually oriented to people who need a global application of full body cold. Whether it is for people with circulation problems, chronic pain, fatigue or sports recovery, the extreme cold cycle with full body cryosauna allows to reach all areas of the body effectively, affecting those damaged tissues, but also the healthy areas that need to be protected.

Cryosense cryosauna allows you to offer continuous cycles of integral cryotherapy, with which you can carry out different processes depending on the needs of each user.

If you want to give an added value to your business, reinforcing your services, either in aesthetics or other field, with an effective and safe process, in Cryosense we offer you a cryosauna with which you can complete the treatments of your clinic. Our team will advise you from the first moment, so you can get the maximum performance through your cryotherapy cabin.


One of the areas in which cryotherapy processes are most successfully applied is in sports. Sports injuries usually occur in muscle, bone and tendon tissues. Exposure to cold in the damaged areas accelerates recovery times, stimulates blood circulation and prevents the injury from worsening in the short term.

Many sports centers and professional clubs have Cryosense cryotherapy cabins. Our cabins are the most advanced, that’s why they achieve immediate results.

For a professional athlete and a sports club, recovery times after an injury are important. Having a cryosauna allows to have a highly effective equipment, able to act with maximum efficiency on the injured area. Unlike other methods based on the application of cold on injured areas, Cryosense cabins allow you to choose from a wide variety of programs, since cryotherapy acts directly on the injured tissue.


Cold is also a solution for skin-related treatments. Anti-aging treatments that incorporate cryotherapy achieve immediate and lasting results, so more and more aesthetic clinics are offering cryotherapy cabins for aesthetic body treatments.

Cryosense cabins generate a safe environment with which we act on the inner layers of the skin, this allows us to reach the dermal structure, eliminating many of the signs caused by age. Body cryotherapy is a process suitable for users who are following an aesthetic treatment and want to enhance the results, through a simple process able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin.


Cryotherapy cabins are an added value in a recovery center. The benefits of the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen on damaged areas allow shorter recoveries, by acting on the tissue. This solution also acts effectively on patients affected by chronic ailments, the action of the cold generates an immediate response that helps to control physical pain, generating a feeling of well-being that remains in the long term.

The technology included in Cryosense cryotherapy cabinets has been developed by our own R+D+i department, that is why we are sure to offer you the best cabin. The installation is very simple and it is not essential to have large spaces for its location.

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