Facial Cryotherapy

What is facial cryotherapy and what it is used for

Facial cryotherapy uses the effect of low temperatures on the skin to remove imperfections such as blemishes or warts. This type of treatment is usually harmless, and also achieves immediately visible results.

Facial aesthetic cryotherapy is an increasingly used resource in clinics around the world due to its spectacular results. Facial cryotherapy for blemishes, warts, and other imperfections has proven to be very effective.

Benefits of Facial Cryotherapy

There are many benefits of facial cryotherapy, these are the main ones:

  • Cryotherapy treatment for the face prevents the appearance of acne
  • Completely and permanently removes stains from the face
  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles and reduces those already present
  • Prevents premature aging, acting on all signs of age
  • Smoothes the most superficial layers of the skin

Cryotherapy in dermatology is already one of the most used methods, in the case of facial treatments, its applications and advantages are many.

Side Effects of Facial Cryotherapy

The side effects of cryotherapy may manifest in varying degrees, or not at all, in any case, it will be essential that a professional provides the treatment to control the occurrence of the following side effects:

  • There is a minimal risk of bleeding
  • If deficient material is used, infections can occur.
  • If the temperature is extreme we can damage some tissue, especially in especially sensitive areas of the face.
  • Mild burns may occur. In most cases, they disappear immediately.

How much does a facial cryotherapy treatment cost?

The price of facial cryotherapy treatments depends on the number of sessions needed. The price of each session is set by each clinic, so it is advisable to compare several prices.

Cryotherapy is the best solution for many skin problems and, in most cases, is the safest method.

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