Facial cryotherapy with Cryosense Zero

The effect of whole-body cryotherapy has a physiological and general wellness effect. However, it is with Cryosense Zero that we achieve specific results in the facial region, affecting the cold in certain areas of the face.

Facial cryotherapy is one of the cold application processes with more benefits from the aesthetic point of view. Not only does it have an effective effect on the face, but it also favors certain dermatological processes such as psoriasis or as an ally in the relief of chronic pain. Specifically, with the application of very low temperatures on the face, users seek a natural facial rejuvenation with a very effective technique that increasingly has more followers.

Facial cryotherapy in Madrid uses the effect of low temperatures on the skin to help eliminate imperfections such as blemishes or warts. This type of process is usually harmless, and also achieves immediately visible results.

What is facial cryotherapy and what is it used for?

Cryotherapy is a resource increasingly used in clinics around the world due to its spectacular results, and is that facial cryotherapy for blemishes, warts and other imperfections has proven to be very effective.

To know in depth what is cryotherapy on the face, it is important to know that it is the same procedure that is carried out on the body through cryosauna cabins but, in this case, in a more localized way on the face, to achieve the desired facial rejuvenation.

The liquid nitrogen in the form of steam affects the face, neck and scalp, contributing to the correction of expression lines, wrinkles, eye bags or blemishes.


There are many benefits of facial cryotherapy, these are the main ones:

  • It prevents the appearance of acne.
  • It helps eliminate and prevents the appearance of spots on the face.
  • It delays the appearance of wrinkles and reduces those already present.
  • It prevents premature aging, acting on all signs of aging.
  • It softens the most superficial layers of the skin.

Cryotherapy in dermatology is already one of the most used methods in facial sessions, due to the advantages it offers.

Side effects

The side effects of cryotherapy can manifest themselves in different degrees, or not at all, in any case, it will be essential that a professional is the one who evaluates the application process, to control the occurrence of the following side effects:

  • There is a minimal risk of bleeding.
  • If deficient material is used, infections may occur.
  • If the temperature is extreme, tissue damage may occur, especially in particularly sensitive areas of the face.
  • Mild burns may occur. in most cases, they disappear immediately.

Facial cryotherapy for spots

Cryotherapy for blemishes is a very effective process, eliminating all types of facial spots.

Based on the application of cold, the spots disappear in a few sessions and also do so permanently. Facial cryotherapy is the best solution in cases of stain removal on the face.

It is a technique especially demanded by those who are looking for facial cryotherapy for dark age spots or those caused by contact with sunlight. In addition, cryotherapy for facial rejuvenation reduces the size of the pores of the skin to clean toxins and thus soften inflammation.

The advantages of applying such low temperatures in a cryosauna cabin go further, since they also help to improve skin due to psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema, resulting in smoother, firmer and more elastic facial skin.

Is it possible to do a home facial cryotherapy?

It is true that the application of home facial cryotherapy is spreading, however, it is a method that does not have the guarantees of the team of professionals who know the properties and the necessary care to achieve safe and effective results.

The most advisable is to put yourself in the hands of qualified personnel, capable of developing specific sessions, in relation to the needs of each person.

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