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Enjoy the best cryotherapy with Cryosense

Cryosense is the leading firm in the design and supply of state-of-the-art cryotherapy machines that are sweeping the international market.

Get into one of them and enjoy totally safe and effective cryotherapy sessions, thanks to the great advances
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Fast and secure access to your business
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Reduce the risks of contagion and protect your employees. Anticipate potential risks by checking people’s body temperatures with our thermal imaging camera.

Why use cryotherapy equipment?

Cryotherapy equipment is a growing resource for various benefits that have been widely demonstrated over the last few years, especially with the latest advances in cryotherapy equipment.

Sports benefits obtained in a cryotherapy chamb

Athletes, both amateur and professional, see in these devices a solution for different reasons: prevention and treatment of injuries, increase of physical performance, recovery of muscle tissue or mental balance are just some of the properties at this level.

Aesthetic advantages

A cryotherapy machine facilitates the burning of calories, reduces cellulite, controls overweight and eliminates toxins, which leads to great properties.

Cryotherapy in dermatology

Cryotherapy dermatology is one of the most evident and long-lasting improvements, with an effective action against different skin disorders, such as warts, facial blemishes, acne, wrinkles or other dermatological problems.
By using cryotherapy, you get great benefits in terms of skin improvement and rejuvenation.

Helps general health

One of the great contributions of cryotherapy sessions is the relief of pain and discomfort that can arise, both chronic and acute, as well as the anti-inflammatory effect that is achieved with each of these processes.

General Well-being

Ultimately, the emission of liquid nitrogen in vapor and its application in the human body achieves the release of endorphins and serotonin, which results in increased energy and a considerable reduction of stress.

The best cryotherapy company

This, you can take advantage of the great opportunities of cryotherapy or in other provinces with really sophisticated equipment, thanks to the effort of a company formed by experts in the development and improvement of this type of solutions.


What is the operation of a cryotherapy machine?

Cryotherapy booths are responsible for applying cold in the form of liquid nitrogen in vapor that can reach levels of up to -196ºC in sessions that do not exceed two to three minutes, thus preventing the body from entering a state of hypothermia. Through the creation of TCT (Thermal Contrast Technology), these sessions are a guarantee of maximum safety for the human body in these processes, as well as the quality needed to improve different aspects of health and general welfare of people.


The latest technology, adapted to a quality cryotherapy

To enjoy the properties of cryotherapy, buying or renting booths for this purpose is one of the best decisions, since you can enjoy these sessions or make them available to those interested in offering them in different types of centers, such as sports centers, beauty centers, clinics, etc.
The establishments that bet on a cryotherapy team have an added value compared to those of the competition that do not have a resource that offers such an important set of benefits.

Buy Cryotherapy with advanced equipment

We take care of informing you about the use of these devices so that their use is completely effective, safe and of quality.
We have the most advanced products on the market after obtaining great results in different parts of the planet, where our activity continues to boom with thousands of new users every month who seek to obtain great results related to this innovative and revolutionary treatment to improve your health and well-being.

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