What is Lasersense®?

Our Investigation + Development + Innovation department has developed this technique for reduction of localized fat by physiologically stimulating the metabolism, offering effective results.

    • Without incisions, needles, wounds or scars
    • Offers quick and lasting results
    • It’s a painless treatment
    • Can be combined with other treatments
    • Done with a handsfree equipment

Consists of six multipads lipolytic laser diodes with 13 laser diodes each (78 total), plus two singlepads lymphatic laser diodes.

What is his use?

Lasersense® is indicated to be applied in zones where the fat is located, with or without flaccidity, like:

      • Arms
      • Hips
      • Double chin
      • Calves
      • Thighs
      • Back
      • Abdomen

How does Lasersense® works?

Through Fat Biostimulation

Lasersense® uses low power laser diodes (class 3B) of 635-640 nm (red sprites). It has 6 multipads with 13 low power laser diodes each (30mW). The wavelength of 635-640 nm has demonstrated that its capacity to stimulate the adipose cells mitochondria, and the beta-2 receptors in the adipocyte membrane, activating the lipase enzyme, capable of breaking down the triglycerides and transform them into glycerol, fatty acids and water.

Lasersense® stimulates the fat PHYSIOLOGICAL METABOLISM thanks to photolipolysis.

Triglycerides, which occupy 95% of the adipocyte, fall within the molecule fat into free fatty acids, glycerol and water, passing through the outer cell wall through the transport proteins.

Due to the stimulation caused by photolipolysis (low power laser) and the action of Lasersense®, the amount of extracellular water increases significantly, which allows the results to be even better.

Attacking the fat metabolism

Metabolic adipocyte process by Cryosense® . Adipose tissue is composed by cells (adipocytes) that store fat (triglycerides) in semiliquid state (fatty acids, glycerol, and water).
The volume of adipose tissue is a function of the balance between lipogenesis and lipogenesis (triglyceride synthesis from fatty acids and glycerol phosphate) and lipolysis (hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids). This regulation is possible thanks to the receptors localized in the adipocyte membrane, alpha and beta, which regulate the entry and exit of fatty acids.
– Receptors: entry of free fatty acids into the adipocyte.
– Receptors: transformation of fat into energy.


Why Lasersense®?

Handsfree application

Highly profitable, easy to use, doesn’t need operator.

Lasting and natural results

It is always recommended to follow dietary advice and keep healthy habits to obtain better long term results.

Painless treatment

You won’t experience pain during the treatment with Lasersense®, neither in any of its combined techniques, nor after the application.

Non-invasive technique

It physiologically stimulates the fat metabolism. Without incisions, needles, wounds or scars.

Immediate results

Visible results since the first session.


It can be combined with other equipment designed to work with Lasersense®.



6 plates with 13 low power laser diodes of 30 mW (class 3B) with a wavelength of 635-640 nm (red sprites) that stimulate the physiological metabolism of fat.


2 plates with a low power laser of 30 mW (class 3B) with a wavelength of 635-640 nm that optimize the lymphatic stimulation and the movement of cell content outside of the treated area.