Recovery methods in sports muscle injuries

In the recovery process of muscle injuries, the muscle recovers its flexibility, whether is a muscle tear or other type of ailment.

There are several methods centered in the recovery of this type of lesion. Although, all of them are completed with a resting time that helps the muscle to regenerate.

How a muscle injury occurs?

A muscle tear can occur directly or indirectly and it can be prevented by an intense heating before any physical activity.

• Direct injury. Occurs with a blow or when we force the muscle to stretch more than we should. In both cases the fibers can be damaged.

• Indirect injury. When we force the muscle to perform a rapid contraction, might occur a muscle tear or a fiber breakage.

Warming up the muscles before exercising, regardless intensity, helps to avoid these types of problems.

Treatments for the recovery of muscular injuries

There are several solutions to improve the recovery time of this type of injuries.

• Rest: it is a common solution to any type of muscle injury. The fibers might regenerate faster if we give the muscle the time it needs and if it is not forced. If it is forced the injured area will get worst.

• Rehabilitation: if the injury is serious, like a muscle tear (direct injury), it is advisable to go to a physiotherapy clinic. A physiotherapist will treat the injury with specific stretches and with an adequate method to reduce pain.

• Cold application: It is the perfect complement for rest. Cold will calm pain and reduce inflammation. The injury will heal faster with recovery methods such as cryotherapy. With very low temperatures the muscle will cool and will regenerate itself in case there is a muscle or a fiber tear.

Cryotherapy to treat muscular pain

Cryotherapy is already a common method to treat muscle injuries in elite athletes because cold acts as an analgesic. It also reduces the injured area inflammation and relaxes the muscle. These three actions contribute to a faster recovery and reduce the pain derived from a muscle injury.

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