Side effects of cryotherapy

Side effects of cryotherapy are very mild, in fact in a vast majority of cases, effects never go beyond the benefits we seek with the treatment.

In any case, it is important to know both, treatment and any side effect that may come after a session. In this post we analyse the most common.

Does cryotherapy have side effects?

In a vast majority of cases, cryotherapy does not have any side effect in our body. Liquid nitrogen in manages to carry out the cryotherapy treatment, either to reduce an inflammation, relieve pain, activate metabolism or any other purpose, once a session is finished our body does not usually suffer any variation.

Possible side effects of cryotherapy

However, in a very small percentage, a cryotherapy session can cause minimal side effects, which can be alleviated without big complications.

One of the most common side effect is the appearance of scars in an injured area.

As any other tissue destruction technique, there is a little risk of scarring. In these cases the skin is treated to avoid the appearance of marks.

If the treatment is not managed properly, either with non-homologue cabins or with home cryotherapy systems, the risks increase and side effects become worst, and blisters, bleeding and infections may appear. These last two side effects are very rare, but it might appear if we use non- homologue cabins.

What we should do if there are marks on the skin

If skin marks appear after a cryotherapy treatment, we should go to a dermatologist immediately.

Scars caused by a cryotherapy treatment can be managed. In fact a topical antiseptic solution is usually enough to alleviated a wound.

Check your skin after each session, especially if you are under a treatment to recover from an injury. Although, appearance of scars occurs in very few occasions, it is always recommended to check if a treatment has had any side effect.

Cryotherapy is a very safe treatment. In practically all treatments there is no side effect, since temperature is controlled, preventing burns and other harmful effects.

At Cryosense we work to develop safe and effective liquid nitrogen treatments.

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