Corporal cryotherapy in cryosense

Body cryotherapy is based on neuroreflex processes induced by the intense effect of extreme cold on the external layers of the skin. This process generates physiological changes that are perceived both in the external layers of the skin and in the deeper tissues.

The application of body cryotherapy through advanced cryotherapy cabins such as Cryosense, allows to adapt each session to the needs of the user. Cryosense cabins have the most advanced technology, allowing absolute control by the specialist, who can adapt the process to the user’s needs.

What is body cryotherapy?

The body cryotherapy procedure is based on the benefits that the application of intense cold in short periods of time has on the body. In the cryosauna, the body is exposed to temperatures between -150ºC and -196ºC for 3 minutes. Despite the cold, the sensation for the user is pleasant, since the process favors the activation of various neuroreflex mechanisms that generate a feeling of well-being.

The cold used in a controlled manner, produces different reactions in our organism, from relieving pain and inflammation to combating body flaccidity or eliminating warts.

The effect of Cryosense cabins in body sessions

Body cryotherapy has visible benefits from the very first session, provided that the process is carried out in high-performance cabinets such as Cryosense cryosaunas.

Whole body cryotherapy is based on the exposure of the body to extremely low temperatures, which allow to activate different body reactions. This effect can only be obtained by using a cabin capable of controlling temperature and exposure times, and distributing the evaporated liquid nitrogen homogeneously.

Cryosense cabins are equipped with the most advanced devices in cryotherapy, allowing to maximize the results obtained in a cryo-body process. A body cryotherapy machine such as Cryosense can be adapted to different purposes, which can be used to support fat burning, eliminate skin blemishes, eliminate toxins and stimulate other beneficial organic processes for the body.

Cryosense cabins for slimming processes

Eliminating fat through the application of cold is possible, as long as we have advanced technology in cryotherapy methods. Fat or adipose tissue is made up of adipocytes (cells that accumulate fat in their cytoplasm). There are three types of adipocytes:

  • White adipocytes: form the subcutaneous fat that accumulates to store energy.
  • Brown adipocytes: form brown fat, which is used to produce heat and maintain body temperature.
  • Beige adipocytes: a recently discovered type of adipocyte. It is halfway between white and brown adipocytes and is thought to also have thermogenic functions.

For the body to function normally, our body must maintain a stable temperature between approximately 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. When the ambient temperature decreases, the body responds by burning fat from brown adipocytes to generate heat.

This thermogenesis mechanism is the basis for the use of cryotherapy to burn fat. The temperatures reached in the cryotherapy cabin force the metabolism to work to maintain heat, based on the burning of body fat.

The Cryosense cryotherapy cabins collaborate in passive fat burning, promoting the elimination of fat in a natural and effortless way. The processes in Cryosense cabins affect all areas of the body, and therefore the results are homogeneous.

Benefits of body cryotherapy

The use of body cryotherapy acts on different processes related to:

Pain relief (even for chronic pain).
Inhibition of inflammation and immunomodulation
Effect on the musculoskeletal system
Functional improvement of joints
Regulation of central nervous system activity
Sense of well-being
Reduction of cellulite and reduction of skin imperfections
Elimination of toxins

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