Why Cryosense Cryotherapy Machine?

Why choosing Cryosense Cryosauna?

There are several types of cryosauna cabins with very different characteristics. Engineers, doctors, athletes and estheticians believe that Cryosense is one of the best technologically, safekeeping and aesthetically speaking.

What is a cryosauna and what temperature does it reach?

It’s a cryotherapy cabin that allows, using evaporated liquid nitrogen, to reduce the body temperature in a controlled environment. Its function is based on liquid evaporated nitrogen. This process occurs at -196°C, helping blood flow inside the patient’s body. During the session, approximately of two or three minutes, it cools down the skin temperature below 5° C. The body’s thermoregulatory mechanism maintains the lower layers of the skin at the normal internal temperature of 36.5° C. In consequence, the cold can be easily tolerated.

Cryosense has a CB certification

Cryosense has the CB test and certification of electromagnetic compatibility and the security certifications. These are both provided by the Official Central Laboratory of Electrotechnics (LCOE) and the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), in order to increase safety in the electronic and electric field and in the device itself.

As manufacturers of Cryosense we have Sanitary License.

TIME has the Prior Sanitary License for Installation Operation for Manufacturing Sanitary Products granted by the Spanish Agency of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. License number: 6764-PS

Cryosense Security

Cryosense incorporates several safety measures that make it the safest cabin on the market. The equipment is designed to control extreme situations; therefore, it has a series of response mechanisms. The response mechanisms reestablish the optimal operating conditions; if not, they proceed to the automatic shutdown of the cabin.

Cryosense has the following safety elements: oxygen level sensor system, a safety collar, height adjustment for the user and security opening. Additionally, various safety measures are placed during the installation in order to complete the security system.

It is the only cabin which incorporates safety collar

Cryosense incorporates a safety collar that can be adjusted to the client’s neck. This device also reduces the gaseous nitrogen that exits the cabin. This produces the optimal cold conditions so the consumption of the cabin can be more appropriate, improving the environmental conditions inside the room.

It incorporates an oxygen sensor in the cabin

Cryosense has an oxygen sensor. This allows continuous monitoring of the oxygen level inside the room. The room is controlled during the session and also when the cabin is not working. The cabin works conditioned by the oxygen level in order to guarantee the safety for the user.

It incorporates an internal column for the extraction of nitrogen

To facilitate the extraction of nitrogen during the session, cryosauna Cryosense incorporates a column of extraction inside the cabin. This allows collecting and expelling the excess of nitrogen outside the room where the equipment is located.

Automatic drying after session

Cryosense after each session automatically starts a drying cycle. In this process the cabin, the tank, the ducts and the inner space of the cabin experiment a thawing process.

The cabin has a safety opening system

The door has a safety opening that can be easily opened from both sides. If the cabin is opened during a session, it will automatically stop. This way the user can feel calm and safe.

Cryosense features

It’s the most technologically advanced criosauna

Cryosense cabin has a S7-1200 Siemens PLC. The control can be done anytime thanks to the expansion module. Cryosense incorporates a series of worldwide high-end components. These are the Linear EMA of the gate, solenoid valves, temperature sensors, oxygen sensor, TFT screen, etc. This technology guarantees an excellent performance of the cabin.

The only cryosauna able to combine cold and heat. Thermocontrast.

The Cryosense has a heating system that allows alternating cycles of heat and cold during the session. The thermocontrast process gives great results. The process starts with a preheating that increases the temperature inside the cabin and the pre-cooling starts afterwards. Then, the cold program begins inside the cabin. The cold is produced by the emission of gaseous nitrogen into the cryosauna until reaching the programmed temperature, which can be -196 ºC.

Cryosense has VPN connection

Cryosense incorporates VPN connection that allows it to instantly exchanging information between the cabin and our facilities. This exchange makes possible update of the cabin’s software and information, monitoring the operation of the sessions to ensure maximum security receiving the notices from the cabin (oxygen level in the room, nitrogen consumption, etc.).

Only Cryosense includes a screen that shows all the information

Cryosense has a 20 inch TFT screen to display information. It contributes to a better interpretation and understanding of the process during the session, both for the user and the professional.
All the information of the session is shown on the screen: times, temperatures, program selection, height adjustment, drying cycle, maintenance, safety warnings, etc.

Cryosense focuses the cold at different levels

The cabin has three levels of nitrogen gates inside the cabin. All of this to focus the flow of cold air at different heights (shoulders, waist and legs) depending on the needs of the customer.

Cryosense incorporates a safety collar

A safety collar for the user has been incorporated. Thanks to this incorporation, we avoid breathing the vapors.

Cryosense can have its intensity adjusted at any time

Cryosense cabin allows the regulation of the cold intensity during the session, increasing or reducing the intensity according to the needs. The goal is to guarantee that the professional who applies the therapy can intervene anytime and also to guarantee a comfortable feeling for the user.


Cryosense weights continuously the nitrogen tank

Cryosense has its own weight system so it’s easier to have the relative information about the nitrogen consumption during the session and the available nitrogen for the subsequent sessions. Additionally, through this system the consumption of the nitrogen can be optimized. In fact, thanks to this system the session can be much safer because it’s easier to control the injections of nitrogen inside the cabin.

Cryosense cabin has a Smart drying program

Cryosense cabin perform automatically drying after each session and also has incorporated an intelligent drying system so it notifies the user the need to give  an extra drying cycle, in case it’s required. This helps not only to increase the efficient function; but also gives the chance to carry out more sessions without stop the device. This is what allows us to obtain a great advantage and profitability to the cabin.

Cryosense adapts to different types of tanks and pressures

Cryosense has the advantage of being adaptable to different types of tanks and to various types of pressure. Depending on where it is placed, inside or outside the cabin and depending on the size, the following tanks can be used. In case it’s inside the cabin it can use different dewars above 50 liters. If it’s out of the cabin it can use dewars, rangers, tanks from 100 to 3000 liters or even higher capacity.

The recommended pressure for the tank varies from 0.5 bars up to 1.5 bars. There is a possibility of using other pressures by incorporating additional components to the cryosauna (safety, valve, pressure regulator, etc.). It’s possible to choose the tank that is more suitable for the customer’s needs.

Cryosense uses the latest technology to monitor the sessions and ensure the security


The cabin is equipped with a TFT screen. It shows real time processing the information of the session.
Security collar. It keeps nitrogen inside the cabin and prevents its inhalation.
The door can be opened anytime and the session opens automatically.
Regulation of the cold intensity during the session.
Height adjustment of the user.
Smart drying.
Oxygen sensor.
Specific localization of the cold at different levels.


Control the cabin with an iPad.
The App is easy to use and intuitive.
VPN connection with Cryosense central company offices 24h.
Software updates.
Monitor sessions and receive the information automatically.

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