Cryotherapy in processes affecting health and wellness

Processes based on cryotherapy favor the well-being of the user.

Through the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen, under controlled conditions, we are able to favor certain processes, reducing their negative impact and promoting lasting wellbeing.

The processes based on the application of cold in different areas of the body manage to reduce pain, act on inflamed areas or stimulate certain beneficial body reactions for our health.

Cryosense cabins allow to control all aspects of the cold application process, generating beneficial thermal contrasts for the well-being of all types of users.

Application of cryotherapy in injured areas

One of the main advantages that we obtain through cryotherapy application processes is to favor the recovery of injuries. In early stages, we can prevent the area from becoming excessively inflamed, reducing pain. As the days go by, subjecting the area to marked temperature contrasts will allow us to stimulate circulation and reduce recovery times.

There are many professional teams and clubs that already work with Cryosense cabins, due to the effectiveness of cryotherapy for the recovery of muscle and bone injuries, this technology is also successfully applied to people who, without being professionally involved in sports, have suffered some kind of injury and are looking for an effective recovery plan.

With the Cryosense cryotherapy cabin it is possible to determine the exposure time and regulate the temperature. Unlike ice baths and other similar processes, the use of Cryosense cabins does not cause uncontrolled temperature drops, so the process is completely safe.

Cryotherapy for mental well-being

In connection with the application of cryotherapy-based solutions for health care, we cannot forget the benefits of evaporated liquid nitrogen for the psychological level. The key in this case is the release of various chemicals from the brain as a result of the application of cold cycles.

Substances such as endorphins are released during the process, causing an instant and lasting state of well-being.

Cryotherapy treatments for chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are usually treated with therapies aimed at the overall improvement of the user and the reduction of pain. Although in these cases it is unlikely to achieve the complete disappearance of the pathology, it is possible to provide the patient with an adequate standard of living, reducing the sequelae of certain processes.

Many of the most common chronic diseases can benefit from the effects of whole-body cryotherapy. Continuous exposure to cold cycles with exceptionally low temperatures favors the appearance of certain physiological reactions, from which the user benefits.

The objective is to reduce the sensation of pain that accompanies many of the most common chronic diseases, but we also achieve many other objectives that have to do with the improvement of the user.

Cryotherapy in slimming processes

For people who are following a slimming process, cryotherapy can be a suitable complement to encourage fat burning. In most cases, overweight people accumulate areas of localized fat, through physical exercise and a healthy diet we can act on these lipid deposits, reducing their presence in our body. Cryosense cryotherapy cabins reinforce fat burning, given the effect of cold and its action on adipocytes. The process is based on the application of exceptionally low temperatures, which force our body to work at full capacity for certain periods, in this process the fat burning is very intense, acting especially on areas where lipids are more present.

The use of cryotherapy cabins in processes aimed at weight loss is the perfect complement for those seeking to benefit from the effects of extreme cold.

Application of cold on joints

Cryotherapy has proven to be very effective in diseases and ailments related to the joints. Both wear and tear due to age and chronic diseases can cause intense pain in the joints and problems related to mobility, by means of cryotherapy we can reduce the sensation of pain and improve mobility.

The cold can partially regenerate the tissues that form the joint, including muscles, tendons and bones, especially in ailments related to inflammation.

In these cases, it is important to determine the specific needs of each patient, in order to establish a personalized treatment.

Cryosense cabins in recovery processes

The advantage offered by Cryosense cryotherapy cabinets over other thermal solutions is the possibility of controlling all the factors involved in the process, from temperature to exposure times. Through the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen, we manage to reach the internal tissues of the organism, promoting mobility and favoring the reduction in most cases of inflammations related to injuries.

In Cryosense we keep working to improve the performance of our cabins, offering you the best cryotherapy solutions.

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