Cryotherapy for dermatological lesions

Dermatological cryotherapy has been a breakthrough in the treatment of skin lesions. Cryosense cryotherapy cabins allow the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen in the superficial dermal layers, reaching deeper areas. The main effect of this method is that it helps to reduce marks, as well as acting on other injuries to the skin.

Superficial skin lesions can be healed by a professionally applied thermal technique.

What is cryotherapy in dermatology?

Cryotherapy solutions in dermatology have made it possible to treat various skin diseases without the need for invasive methods. The objective is to provoke changes in the organism and in the skin, both in the external and deeper layers, to combat visible effects.

In Cryosense we have developed a specific technology allowing to reduce recovery times and avoid using other more invasive processes.

On which lesions is Cryotherapy applied to the skin?

Flat and seborrheic warts

Warts are small bumps on the skin that are usually painful.

Plantar papilloma

Caused by the human papilloma virus, in this case the wart appears on the foot, causing intense pain when walking.

Molluscum contagiosum

This is a viral infection of the skin that causes round protuberances of different sizes.

Actinic keratosis

Appears in the form of a patch on the skin, which usually develops as a result of continuous exposure to the sun.

Senile lentigo

Known as age spots, these skin spots can be drastically reduced by cryotherapy.


Appear as benign skin growths and can be easily treated with cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy restores skin condition and conceals scars anywhere on the body.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis

This skin disease is caused by a parasite that forms sores on the skin.

Skin blemishes

Dermatological blemishes can also be treated from a cold process.

Professional use of cryotherapy in dermatological clinics

Many of the most common skin diseases can be treated by the application of evaporated liquid nitrogen.

Cryosense offers you the possibility to work with a unique cryotherapy cabin, with programs oriented to work different processes, and that you can control to adapt the effects of the cryosauna to the characteristics of your users.

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