Dermatology Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy for dermatological lesions

A large part of the most common skin lesions can be treated with dermatological cryotherapy. Nitrogen comes into direct contact with the skin, freezing and destroying the affected cells, respecting healthy tissue and promoting the appearance of new tissues, once the lesion disappears.

There are several methods of application, from direct application instruments, capable of supplying nitrogen in a very specific way, to complete body booths that act on the whole body, repairing different affected areas.

The superficial cutaneous lesions can be healed by means of cold treatments applied in a professional way, the Cryosense cabins have demonstrated a great efficacy in dermatological treatments of all kinds.

What is the skin cryotherapy procedure?

There are two ways to apply the cold treatment in an area affected by a dermal disease, aerosol appliances and booths.

  1. The spray allows the affected area to be treated in detail. In reality, complete treatments are not harmful, as they respect healthy skin.
  2. These aerosols direct the liquid nitrogen towards the affected area, freezing the skin in a few seconds. It is common to make at least two applications to ensure the result.

The aerosols apply the nitrogen directly, sometimes causing a slight stinging or mild pain, which ends when the application ends.

This method achieves immediate results in the intervened area.

There is another method of application with cabin, a general procedure that acts on the whole body.

In this case the patient is placed completely in a cold cabin, receiving a comprehensive treatment. The cabin applies a nitrogen supply that reaches the affected areas and eliminates the affected cells by means of the cold.

The dermatological treatments with cabin are suitable for people with several areas dermatologically affected, the cabin allows nitrogen to reach different parts of the body, respecting healthy cells.

On which lesions or skin problems is dermatological cryotherapy applied?

Warts are small bumps on the skin that are usually painful. They are caused by a human papillomavirus infection and can be completely removed with liquid nitrogen.

This is one of the most common dermal conditions. Also caused by the human papilloma virus, in this case the wart appears on the foot, causing intense pain in the foot. Freezing the papilloma is currently the most effective treatment.

This is a viral infection of the skin that causes round protuberances with different sizes. It is spread by infection, which is why it is considered a sexually transmitted disease. Cryotherapy has proven to be a very effective remedy.

Appears as a patch on the skin, which normally develops as a result of continuous exposure to the sun. It is not painful, but it progresses little by little. It can be reduced by some cryotherapy sessions.

Known as age spots, these skin spots can be drastically reduced by cryotherapy.

They appear as benign skin growths and can be easily treated with cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy has hardly any contraindications, since it only affects the damaged area, fully respecting the healthy tissue, in any case, it is advisable to know the side effects that can cause in some cases.

There is a risk of scarring in the treated area, in most cases the signal disappears within a few days, but it is important not to expose the skin to the sun to prevent the scar is visible.

Another of the side effects is the appearance of blisters. Like scars, they usually disappear within a few days.

Care after the application of dermatological cryotherapy

After undergoing cryotherapy it is advisable to apply a topical antiseptic protected by a dressing. If a blister or scar has occurred, it is recommended not to expose the area to the sun to prevent the signal from remaining visible.

Cryotherapy booths are an adequate solution to treat diseases and dermal lesions, in Cryosense we have developed two booths for therapeutic use for health professionals, able to treat all types of skin diseases.

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