Esthetic cryotherapy

Cryosense is a full body cryotherapy equipment, capable of affecting both the external and visible layers of the skin, as well as the internal structures. Cryotherapy in aesthetics has been an unprecedented breakthrough, Cryosense has gone a step further, developing a very useful body cabin for aesthetic purposes, improving the appearance of the skin instantly and favoring the natural processes that our body performs and that influence our beauty and our health, such as keratin production, cell renewal or circulation.

What is Aesthetic Cryotherapy?

Aesthetic cryotherapy is the use of cryotherapy to reinforce the results of a beauty treatment. Since its origin, cryotherapy has been applied in aesthetic processes thanks to its anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and analgesic effect.

Controlled exposure to cold activates the metabolism and circulation, in addition to promoting a series of reactions that rejuvenate the skin.

The use of cold in esthetics is not new. Bathing in ice water to firm the skin has been used since Egyptian times. While modern cryotherapy cabins allow lower temperatures to be reached more safely and without the contradictions and effects of water baths, (with the bath, the body takes time to recover its temperature, with the cabin it only takes 3 minutes to recover your temperature).

Benefits of cryotherapy in aesthetics

Aesthetic cryotherapy is applied in various aesthetic processes aimed at maintenance, health and beauty. These are its main functions:

It favors calorie burning and cellulite reduction.
It Helps to control overweight
It rejuvenates and improves skin quality.
It helps to combat various disorders of the epidermis (spots on the face and body)
It eliminates toxins
It oxygenates the cells

Cryosense cabins as part of your beauty ritual

Cryotherapy is only effective with the right application method. In Cryosense we have developed an aesthetic cryotherapy cabin with which you can control the body’s exposure to cold, focusing on certain areas.

Offering cryotherapy solutions in aesthetic centers is an added value. Cryosense cabins allow to regulate temperatures and exposure times, to carry out personalized body beauty treatments, depending on the characteristics of each person.

What is cryotherapy for aesthetic purposes?

Cryotherapy for aesthetic purposes affects the following areas:

  • At the dermatological level, an improvement in the appearance of the skin and the reduction of marks is achieved.
  • The effects on the sympathetic system generate a feeling of general well-being of the whole organism.
  • Regarding the motor system, a reduction of liquids is registered, and therefore the sensation of swelling decreases.
  • On a more generic level, users describe it as a feeling of improvement at a general level.

The importance of working with the best cryotherapy machines

Cryosense is the best cryotherapy machine on the market. Unlike other aesthetic cryotherapy brands, we have developed the technology that all our machines include, Cryosense cabins are very effective in aesthetic, beauty-related procedures.

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