Benefits of cryotherapy for beauty

One of the fields in which whole-body cryotherapy has gained force is the aesthetics. Famous people like Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore or Tom Cruise have helped to popularize this treatment all over the world. More and more beauty centres are deciding to install a cryotherapy booth to expand their offer and attract new clients, and we see advertisements for aesthetic cryotherapy in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many more cities across United States.

What is aesthetic cryotherapy and what is it for?

Aesthetic cryotherapy is the use of cryotherapy as a beauty treatment. Since its inception, cryotherapy has had various applications in aesthetic medicine treatments thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, vasoconstrictor and analgesic.
Controlled exposure to cold activates the metabolism and circulation, in addition to promoting a series of reactions that rejuvenate the skin.
The use of cold in aesthetics is not new. The bath in iced water to reaffirm the skin has been used from the time of the Egyptians. Modern cryotherapy cabins allow lower temperatures to be reached more safely.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy in aesthetics?

Cryosense Crioterapia Estética

Since its beginning, cryotherapy has had various applications in aesthetic medicine treatments thanks to its anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor and analgesic effects.

Facial cryotherapy erases the stains on the face caused by the sun and other reasons.

These stains can be very unsightly, so there are different treatments to eliminate them. The application of aesthetic cryotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for the face, it reduces the stains in a few sessions, until they disappear. Facial cryotherapy for stains is a painless treatment that achieves excellent results.

Cryotherapy for warts is also part of usual facial treatments. Nitrogen vapor cools the affected area, eliminating the warts in a very effective way and without damaging the rest of the facial tissues.

Benefits of Cryotherapy in Aesthetics:

  1. It favors the burning of calories and the reduction of cellulite
  2. It helps controlling overweight
  3. It rejuvenates and improves the quality of the skin
  4. It helps fighting various disorders of the epidermis
  5. It eliminates toxins
  6. It oxygenates the cells

All these points have been verified by several medical researches. They have led us to realize the four effects that are achieved with aesthetic cryotherapy:

  1. At a dermatological level, the effect of an improvement in the appearance of the skin has been registered, in addition to a reduction of marks and above all, a remarkable decrease in characteristic itching.
  2. Effects on the sympathetic system. There is a feeling of well-being of the entire human organism.
  3. At the motor level the following effects have been registered: an improvement in the sensation of mobility is observed, described as greater lightness of the legs. Above all, it is recorded at the level of fluid reduction.
  4. Overall, users describe it as a feeling of improvement at a general level.

Procedure to apply cryotherapy in beauty treatments

In order to carry out the treatment of aesthetic cryotherapy the user is introduced in the cryosauna cabin. During the session, the use of evaporated liquid nitrogen decreases the temperature inside the cabin to between -110 ºC -180 ºC for a short period of time (about 3 minutes).

The brief exposure to extreme cold in a controlled environment is what triggers in our body the beneficial effects of cryotherapy.

In aesthetic cryotherapy there is a before and an after. It is estimated that 200 to 800 calories can be burned in a single session thanks to the activation of the metabolism. And, unlike the traditional sauna, weight loss is due to the loss of fat and not liquids.

Side Effects of Aesthetic Cryotherapy

Side effects of cosmetic cryotherapy are mild and infrequent. The session is monitored at all times by a trained professional. Cryotherapy is contraindicated in some cases (cardiovascular pathologies, pregnancy…) so users are subjected to a prior test to ensure they are suitable for treatment.