Models of Cryotherapy machine

What is Cryosense®?

This technique consists in exposing our body to extremely low temperatures, between + 80ºC and -196ºC during three minutes. This is achieved thanks to the cold vapor of nitrogen that enters the Cryosense cabin.
This exposure favors the release of endorphins or chemical substances to which anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are attributed. In addition, they stimulate our immune system.


A unique experience

Each session is very fast, comfortable … And although it seems incredible because of the extreme cold, it is a really pleasant experience!
And everything is because it is dry cold. The origin is in nitrogen vapor. This helps releasing endorphins from the body and this provides a great feeling of well-being during the session and especially in the following hours. In addition, this generates anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and stimulates our immune system.
For all of this, it is an excellent full-body treatment. It increases the efficacy with which the body recovers after intense exercise and increases energy.

For what can Cryosense be used?

The different Cryosense models are indicated in the sectors that we describe below, with specific and determined actions in each one of them. Each sector has different combinations that will be made by the Cryosense criosauna depending on what the user is seeking for.


It releases endorphins. Increases energy. It eliminates stress. It improves insomnia. It provides a greater sexual energy.


It burns calories. It reduces cellulite. It eliminates toxins. It improves quality and skin disorders. It oxygenates cells. It rejuvenates the skin. It helps to control overweight.


It improves circulation. It strengthens blood vessels. It relieves pain. Recovery from surgery. It reduces muscle micro-tears. It stimulates the immune system.


It reduces recovery time after practicing sports. It increases sports performance. It prevents injuries due to overload. It improves the ability of standing more training load. It improves muscle pain. It improves recovery from muscle micro-tears.

How do Cryosense models work?

contraste termicoTheir functioning is based on giving cryotherapy sessions (thermal contrast) inside our cabin that last 3 minutes. In just a few seconds, the temperature switches from + 80ºC to -196ºC.
Users enter the cabin and choose one of the 8 pre-defined programs. Programs sutiable for the goal they are aiming at. For example: health or beauty. In addition, each program incorporates a protocol with various techniques and products.

The Cryosense TCT models and the Cryosense TCT XL models differ in the interior dimension, where the user is housed, as well as in the exterior width of the cabin.

The Cryosense TCT XL cabin is designed for heavier and bigger people. Its interior dimension is 50% wider. The outer zone 10 cm wider.

Cryosense tct

Model Cryosense TCT. Exterior dimensions

Length: 1.73 m. | Width: 0.95 m. | Height: 2.3 m

Cryosense tct xl

Cryosense TCT XL models. Exterior dimensions

Length: 1.82 m | Width: 0.95 m | Height: 2.3 m