11 December, 2019

Cervical Cryotherapy: what is and how is performed?

Table of Contents What is Cervical Cryotherapy?How is cervical cryotherapy performed?The Efficacy of Cervical CryotherapyCares after cervical cryotherapySubsequent recovery processSide Effects of Cervical Cryotherapy Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is a […]
24 May, 2019

Cryotherapy for skin moles

Table of Contents Cryotherapy treatment for skin molesWich types of skin moles can be treated with cryotherapy?Other skin benefits of cryotherapy Cryotherapy treatment for skin moles When skin moles are […]
5 April, 2019

Recovery methods in sports muscle injuries

Table of Contents How a muscle injury occurs?Treatments for the recovery of muscular injuriesCryotherapy to treat muscular pain In the recovery process of muscle injuries, the muscle recovers its flexibility, […]
3 April, 2019

Side effects of cryotherapy

Table of Contents Does cryotherapy have side effects?Possible side effects of cryotherapyWhat we should do if there are marks on the skin Side effects of cryotherapy are very mild, in […]
2 April, 2019

Cryotherapy treatment to treat prostate cancer

Table of Contents Cryotherapy process to treat prostate cancerAdvantages of cryotherapy compared to alternative methods to treat prostate cancerSide effects after cryotherapy treatment Cryotherapy has been used for a long […]
2 April, 2019

Cryotherapy and dermatology – The best team to treat skin problems

Table of Contents Skin SpotsScars from previous injuriesCryotherapy and dermatology Cryotherapy and dermatology are two increasingly related concepts. Cold therapies for skin not only act on injuries, they also regenerate […]
1 April, 2019

Cryotherapy for HPV – Human Papillomavirus Treatment

Table of Contents What is Human Papillomavirus and what are its symptoms? How cryotherapy works to treat HPV? Cryotherapy is one of the most effective methods to treat the human […]
11 January, 2019

3 steps and one effective method to lose weight with Cryotherapy

Table of Contents What is this 3-step method consisting of?What is full-body cryotherapy consisting of? Throughout our lives we will be noticing that more and more methods or treatments to […]
18 December, 2018
corporal temperature

How human temperature works?

Table of Contents What is the human body temperature range and what can it tells about us? How our body temperature regulates? What things we may consider when temperature changes come? Are all […]
4 November, 2018

Revolution in Mutua Madrid Open

A revolution in the locker rooms of Mutua Madrid Open. The Spanish company Cryosense has taken much prominence with forward-looking cryotherapy cabins, ideal to maintain the players’ body ready for […]