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PRO PLUS model incorporates the most advanced technology that revolutionizes the cryosauna market thanks to its 8 programs. Among its innovative features, it contributes to the optimization of nitrogen consumption, has a phone connection, and an Ipad for control and monitoring and incorporates remote technical assistance via VPN.

5 cold intensity programs
2 focused programs
1 customized thermo-contrast

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    Led signs in the cabin

    Led lights indicate in real time at what stage of the cycle the selected program is in.

    Handling through ipad cryosense

    Our Cryosense PRO PLUS allows easy handling vía Ipad and an additional 10-inch screen.

    Warm and cold envelope

    Our Cryosense PRO PLUS cryotherapy machine offers an enveloping warm and cold sensation to make your experience unique.

    20-inch real time informative screen: selected program, processed and safety
    User height adjustment
    Hand-stitched leather upholstery
    Intelligent automatic drying after each session
    Safety start button
    Remote technical assistance via VPN
    Nitrogen consumption optimization
    Phone connection
    Built-in oxygen sensor

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