Download Cryosense catalog

Cryosense catalog

If you want to download the Cryosense cryosauna cabin catalog, in this section, you can do so by clicking on the desired language of the Cryosense catalog. You will find in each PDF the explanation about the advanced technology of Cryosense thermal cryocontrast. What does the cryosauna do in our body? How does the cryosauna ?. And, all about the objectives or goals that the use of cryotherapy brings to our body (regenerator and muscle enhancer, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, caloric expenditure and metabolic activity). You will also find the two models of cryotherapy cabinets that we currently have. We call them Cryosense TCT Normal and the Cryosense TCT XL model.

We explain the differences between the two and their formats. The six applications designed for each need. And finally, the characteristics that the room should have where it is located. In short, the installation guide. You will find the description on the monitoring of the sessions. Monitoring of vital signs, control in the cabin and control of the cabin through a simple and intuitive software.


Languages ​​available from the Cryosense catalog

We have made the Cryosense catalog in several languages. We want it to be the simplest for you. We want it to be easy, its reading and therefore we have it in three languages. A link will take you to download the catalog in Spanish, the following link may have it at your fingertips in English and finally we provide it in French.

Rights on the Cryosense catalog

The contents of the Cryosense catalog, which we provide to fully understand the operation of the cryosauna, are protected by copyright. Therefore, if you are going to use the texts, images, logos or any other section that is part of the catalog, please ask us for the authorization in writing to the following email:

Remember, you will need our authorization to make partial or total use of the contents of the catalog. It will be applied in any of the three languages.