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Install a Cryosense cryosauna

guia instalacion

The cryotherapy cabin is powered by 220V single-phase electric current, and consumes a maximum of 3500W.
For more details on the tension of the machine check with Cryosense.

The basic requirements are:

  • The cabin room must be at least 3x3x2.5 meters (length x width x height) for the room conditions to be appropriate during the treatments.
  • The access door of the room must be at least 70 centimetres wide for the Cryosense cabin and 80 centimetres wide for Cryosense Basic, XL and Premium cabins.
  • An easy access to the room is recommended in order to facilitate the installation and the supply of nitrogen tanks.
  • The cabin is powered by a 220 V single-phase electrical current and has a maximum power consumption of 3500W. It is recommended that the room has its own 20 A circuit breaker.
  • The cabin has an extractor that must be connected to the outside. The cabin has two types of extractor depending on the room’s characteristics. A 155 mm hole in a close position to the extractor is recommended for connecting the cabin’s flexible tube.
  • It is advisable to have a grill in the lower area of the room (for example: the door) to ensure the air renewal.
  • It is essential to maintain the relative humidity of the room under 40%.
  • For connecting remotely to the cabin, it is essential for the room to have an Ethernet socket or a strong WiFi signal. Also, a port  needs to be opened in the client Router to a specific IP direction.
  • The nitrogen tank must have a constant pressure to ensure the correct operation of the cabin.
  • The distance between the cabin and the tank must be below 3 meters. In case of exceeding 3 meters, it is recommend to use a static installation with vacuum tube to ensure the nitrogen liquid
  • A simple access to the room is recommended, by having an elevator or by the room being at ground level so that both, the assembly and the changes of the tank, during its use are as appropriate as possible.

Remember that it is highly important to ensure the air is renovated.

Before installing the cabin, the Cryosense staff will contact the client for recommending the best solution in each particular case. Custom attention is given to every client.

Cryosense is the only cryotherapy cabin manufactured in Spain.

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