Security systems

Cryosense security

Cryotherapy cabinets have sophisticated Cryosense® safety systems with the safest components and measures on the market. Nitrogen distributors like: Messer or Contse validate our strictest safety measures.


Technology applied to our cabin to ensure Cryosense safety

CRYOSENSE® cryotherapy booths are the only ones on the market that incorporate an oxygen sensor that constantly monitors the oxygen level of the room, where the cabin is installed, to ensure the healthiness of both the specialist and the patient. The oxygen sensor automatically performs a programmed stop of the session if it detects lower oxygen levels in the room. If it detects low levels, it cuts off the oxygen supply and lowers the lifting platform so that the patient can leave the cabin safely. At no time does the CRYOSENSE® booth turn off, simply perform a scheduled stop of the session.

Air renewal is vital in our Cryosense security system

The CRYOSENSE® cabins also have a room extractor that facilitates the renewal of air even when the cabin is not in operation, for example at night or during the weekend. In addition to this extractor, the CRYOSENSE® cabins have another extraction system, located in the lower part of the cabin, which minimizes the amount of nitrogen that leaves the room through the upper part of the cabin. An additional safety measure provided by CRYOSENSE® in its cabins is the safety collar. Patients, once introduced into the cabin, must adjust it to avoid inhaling the nitrogen introduced into the cabin. In addition, the safety collar prevents massive nitrogen leakage from the cabin into the room, focusing the cold inside the cabin.

The Siemens control

unit guarantees the cryo security Finally, CRYOSENSE® has software security systems that allow the specialist to be notified if any type of anomaly or unexpected occurs (shortage of nitrogen in the tank, absence of oxygen required in the room or opening of the door during the session, for example ) via the Ipad, the KTP or the upper screen located in the cockpit dome.

They work every day to offer the maximum safety of our cryotherapy equipment
Oxygen sensor

Our cabin has an oxygen sensor to maintain the oxygen level of the room both in operation and standby. In addition during these two phases, the cabin has several safety warnings stopping the operation of the cabin if necessary.

Height adjustment

The user of the Cryosense criosauna could not breathe nitrogen gas, since an elevator causes his head to be located above the upper edge of the cabin.

As an additional security measure, the user is obliged to use an elastic collar which, when fitted to the neck, makes it impossible for the user to breathe any nitrogen by accident.

Safety Collar

The cabin has a safety collar, adjustable to the neck of each client who will receive the session, this collar is circular and made of waterproof fabric, which serves to cover the open top of the cabin and thus, prevent nitrogen overflow into the room and above all, to prevent the client from breathing nitrogen vapor, to avoid possible health risks.

Room extractor

The cryosauna has a room extractor that in addition to absorbing nitrogen vapor from the cabin at any time, absorbs the possible nitrogen vapor that overflows out of the cabin by means of a rear grilles located on the rear outer panel of the machine . In addition, at the end of the session, during the defrosting of the cabin, it absorbs the excess nitrogen vapor from the tank and from the ducts to send them equally to the street.

Stop Door

The cabin has an anti-panic system, in which the user can leave the cabin at any time, ending the session automatically upon detecting that the door has been opened and the user has left.

Auto Drying

The cabin has automatic drying in different phases of operation to condition the cabin and can perform more sessions and thus optimize the profitability of the equipment.

iPad Control

The handling of the cabin can be done by means of an iPad and by means of a cable KTP, the height adjustment of the client, the selection of the program, visualize the temperature, the time, the oxygen level during the session, being able to at each moment stop the session if necessary.

TFT screen

Through a TFT screen at the top of the cabin both the user and the specialist can see at all times the temperature reached, the duration of the program and any warning of cabin safety.

In addition, the cabin has a system that allows you to instantly receive and send information from the cabin to the Cryosense facilities. It allows to update the software and to have information of the cabin at any moment, to monitor the sessions and to guarantee maximum security by receiving notices from the cabin.