3 steps and one effective method to lose weight with Cryotherapy

Throughout our lives we will be noticing that more and more methods or treatments to lose weight will emerge. Some experts will advise us to leave behind those methods that we traditionally used to use others. Other experts will recommend us that we stop eating certain foods or reduce others in quantity. And some others will incite us to drink beverages or miraculous substances to obtain fast results. But the important thing is to always take care of our health and to have in mind that there are no miracles neither an easy way to reach our goals.

What is this 3-step method consisting of?

1. A healthy diet

2. An exercise routine

3. Whole-body cryotherapy sessions

These three steps together will give us the best results to lose weight without worrying about excesses, drastic measures and more important health problems.

For effective results there are no magic methods only a better knowledge of the information and that is why the therapeutic use of whole body cryotherapy is well known among medical and sport sectors, among elite and famous athletes. All thanks to its multiple benefits.

There are no secrets about a good diet. Despite the fact that every day scientific and nutritionist are always working hard to discover what food is better for our health and giving us advice on which we should consume.

Elite and professional athletes use the cryotherapy for a faster recovery of injuries and models and celebrities are using it for both health and aesthetics purposes. When something is really good not only the media spread it as news but people too. Then full-body cryotherapy is not a secret treatment anymore.

To have a healthy diet we should keep some food groups in our diet as vegetables and cereals, meat and fish, dairy products, fats, eggs, sweets and savoury food (considering smaller proportions). The more balance our diet is, the closer we will get to healthy habits.

As it was mentioned before, there is no short way to achieve our aim. Only a better knowledge of our body to know which are our limits and do not exceed them; a better conscience to get in the hands of a professional nutritionist or professional trainer and finally knowing better additional natural treatments to complement our routine.

What is full-body cryotherapy consisting of?

This 3rd step consist in full-body cryotherapy sessions. Full-body cryotherapy involves a single or repeated exposures of our body to an extremely cold dry air (-190ºC) in a specialized cabin for a short period of time (3 minutes). The body tries to compensate for the decrease in body temperature, as a result of intense cold, producing heat from the burning of localized fat deposits and accelerating metabolism.

As many sceptics might think full-body cryotherapy isn’t an invasive treatment. Once we get in the chamber barely in underwear and once we follow the instructions of the person in charge, the only thing we are going to regret is haven’t tried it before.

Imagine we do some exercises, maybe we take a swim, we run a marathon, we play some sports and then we take a hot bath. After that, we will feel lighter and fresh. We will feel like sleeping as we used to do when we were just children. After each full-body cryotherapy session that is the sensation we are going to get.

Not only this treatment will help us to achieve our weight loss goals but also it will help us to improve our sleep, clean our organism of toxins and release endorphins.

We have to take in mind that It will be useless to keep only full-body cryotherapy sessions and not considering a healthy diet nor an exercise routine because we will not accomplish our weight loss target. The reason is based in the fact that after each session our body will be constantly trying to burn the localized fat deposits. The more we abandon our health the more time this process will take to accelerate our metabolism and get to the body and health we want.

Releasing endorphins is another effect or benefit of the whole-body cryotherapy treatment and it will make us feel with energy in order to keep up with our diet and training routine. These three steps together will give us the strength to reach all of our goals.

The exercise is well-known as the first activity to make us release endorphins. If we add more and more activities that give us the same effect, we will have more energy to organize our time and less time to think in excuses to postpone our purpose.

Whole-body Cryotherapy will also help our organism for a better blood circulation just like it does perform an exercise routine, drinking water regularly and taking hot water baths.

Now that cryotherapy is known and available to everyone, it will be best to consult with the specialist to adapt it to our lives and make the most of its benefits.

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