Cryotherapy for HPV – Human Papillomavirus Treatment

Cryotherapy is one of the most effective methods to treat the human papillomavirus. Dermal warts that arise due to infection can be combated with the cold produced by vapored liquid nitrogen.

This week we analyze the human papillomavirus origin and the effects of cryotherapy to treat it.

What is Human Papillomavirus and what are its symptoms?

It is the most common world sexually transmitted virus disease and it is made up with DNA’s genetic material.

There are several groups of this disease, in fact, more than 100 different types are known. HPV only develops productive infections in the epithelium of the skin.

The most common symptoms are those that produce warts or condylomata visible in different parts of the body. Even though, there are only few cases, extreme cases can develop subclinical infections that lead to different types of cancer.

Between 30% and 40% of total cases are consequence of unprotected sex, causing genital warts that can be very painful. But If treated properly, most infections will become less harmful in the long term and disappear over time.

How cryotherapy works to treat HPV?

Cryotherapy’s technique consists on the freezing of these warts with vaporized liquid nitrogen.

Through several sessions, we can get cutaneous signs disappear and regain appearance of skin.

These are main considerations that we must be aware of when exposing ourselves to this kind of treatment.

• Cryotherapy treatment is usually given by a doctor. Nitrogen reaches the specific area where the warts are located and nitrogen freezes the tissue to weaken the swelling.

• Low temperature applied not only eliminates the visible part of the HPV, it also has not consequences for the skin and no type of mark remains after the treatment.

• The sessions number depends on the size and number of localized warts.

• During this treatment, it is common to see a very mild burning around the treated area. However, it does not become painful.

• The treatment duration usually takes between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on the case.

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