Cryotherapy and dermatology – The best team to treat skin problems

Cryotherapy and dermatology are two increasingly related concepts. Cold therapies for skin not only act on injuries, they also regenerate the superficial skin layers and acts on skin spots.
This time we analyze cryotherapy effects in dermatological treatments.

Wart treatments and other injuries
Well known tumor lesions as benign can be mostly treated with low temperatures as a consequence of vaporized liquid nitrogen. This skin area burns without the patient noticing any pain, but it is necessary to follow the evolution of the treatment. After all, there is a cicatrization produced by a controlled freezing process. After a few days the skin regains its condition and the treated area might heal uniform and without marks.

Skin Spots

Dermatological spots can also be treated with cryotherapy. These issues might disappear in most of cases. It is very successful in areas such as the face, neck, cleavage and armpits.
Age spots and sun spots can be treated with cryotherapy with a big percentage of success. This non-invasive method will contribute to the skin spot disappearance without leaving side effects.

Scars from previous injuries

Other dermatological marks such as scars can also be reduced with extreme cold with the cryotherapy treatment. Cryotherapy works with liquid nitrogen vaporized which allows the patient to be exposed to very low temperatures. Low temperatures recover the condition of the skin, concealing scars anywhere on the body. This therapy acts immediately and, in few sessions, the scar will be barely noticeable.

Cutaneous leishmaniosis

This skin disease is caused by a parasite that forms skin sores. Once the parasitic dependency has been eliminated, we can act on skin marks by means like cryotherapy. By keeping the skin at very low temperatures leishmaniosis marks can be hidden, and in many cases, corrected.

Cryotherapy and dermatology

Before starting this type of treatment we should consult our case with a dermatology expert. Only experts will be able to determine the origin of our dermatological problem and establish an adequate solution.
As a non-invasive treatment, in many cases, cryotherapy can be the best complement to a dermatological treatment, accelerating results and taking care of our skin.
If you want to know more about cryotherapy benefits and applications, do not stop following our blog or contacting Cryosense to expand the information on cryotherapy machines.

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