Cryotherapy for skin moles

Cryotherapy treatment for skin moles

When skin moles are an aesthetic problem, Cryotherapy is a perfect solution. Skin moles are dark spots on the skin that sometimes might be an aesthetic problem depending on which part of our body we may find them. They appear in our skin by the action of cells called melanocytes or due to an accumulation of pigment.

When moles suddenly changes it is more than recommended to go to a dermatologist for precaution. With some certainty we won’t be able to determine if an aesthetic small problem might transform into a big problem like a skin cancer unless we go to a specialist.

Considered as an innovative and non-invasive method to improve the beauty and quality of the skin, cryotherapy is well known as one of the most effective, fast and secure treatment to make skin moles go away.

Due to its very positive results the exposure to very low temperatures is specially recommended to treat skin moles in very visible areas like the face. When skin moles appear in such visible areas, the patient need is especially urgent due to the skin mole size, shape or colour.

However, a prior study must be done by a specialized dermatologist to determine if a specific case requires cryotherapy to eliminate it or hide it.

Wich types of skin moles can be treated with cryotherapy?

Skin moles for which cryotherapy is especially indicated are those considered precancerous, which can be treated with one of the most effective method as the application of extreme cold.

In order to achieve best results, it will be need it to consult a specialist. Cryotherapy has proven to be very effective improving beauty and quality of the skin, but a specialist will recommend to choose a cryotherapy treatment with incision or another without it, depending on the nature of these dark spots.

Other skin benefits of cryotherapy

Another common cryotherapy use is to treat facial spots.

For years, aesthetic benefits of cryotherapy has been proven with really high cure rates. As long as they are superficial spots in the outermost skin layers, since they are the ones that can be reached by the extreme cold in cryotherapy cabins.

Cryosense is a leading firm in cryotherapy treatments, at the forefront in the technology of this type of process to ensure the safety in the application of cold, which has become a technique increasingly demanded for its many benefits.

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